top 10 best local seo tools

Top 10 Best Local SEO Tools

Every great mechanic needs a basic set of tools to get the job done correctly the first time and move on to the next job, and so does every search engine optimization specialist. Mechanics turn to their scanner and reliable wrenches to diagnose and fix the vehicle. SEO professionals will also turn to scanning tools to diagnose the website and create an analysis of items that need to be addressed to help the website increase in the SERPs rankings. So in essence SEO technicians and professionals can almost be considered mechanics. We both diagnose items that need to be fixed to help solve the problem and ensure that the car and website are putting out the best performance. Vehicle owners …

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five content marketing ideas for local businesses

Content Marketing Ideas for Local Businesses

Post Google releasing their furry and cuddly animals (Penguin and Panda updates) on SEOs, link building has become more time-consuming and a bit more difficult. Especially for local businesses that do not have the large marketing budgets that corporations are working with. But there are ways in which they can level the playing field and have the ability to compete with large brands and achieve success, with the help of a content marketing strategy. Now you as a local business owner are probably wondering what am I supposed to write about and how do I do it. Earning links organically can be as easy as making your website as informational and useful as possible by writing about local events, providing …

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Local SEO Audit

Have you ever wondered why your competitors are out ranking you and taking money out of your pocket? To earn a high ranking in the SERPs Google uses hundreds of ranking factors that will either reward you for your search engine optimization efforts or penalize your website. However there is something you can do about it and it starts by identifying the weaknesses of your on page and off page SEO tactics, by conducting a local SEO audit. Below are vital elements that will help increase ranking or maintain it. Every time I on-board a new client I start with a website analysis and work my way down the list: Website Audit Getting found on Google and other search engines …

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local seo predictions for 2015

Local SEO Predictions for 2015

Thanks in no small part to Google’s Pigeon update, local SEO has really been put through the ringer in 2014. While change is a given for both local and organic search, it never hurts to look ahead and try to anticipate the future. Any proactive steps that can be taken certainly beats sitting around in a reactive mode waiting for the sky to fall or for golden opportunities to be lost. With that thought it mind, here’s a sneak peak at what 2015 might hold for the local SEO industry. Voice Searches Threatens Local Search Google’s Now, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Apple’s Siri voice recognition apps that permits mobile device users to verbally control their smartphone. You can send text messages, …

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get business reviews to increase ranking

Business Reviews Improve Local SEO Campaigns

Business reviews are an important factor in any local SEO campaign. Although creating a business listing on quality review site and local directory will help increasing organic ranking, failing to get reviews is not going to maximize your local SEO efforts to their fullest. These days being listed on business review websites is not enough. In order to increase your efforts getting user reviews is a must. People want to know if you are a reputable business and whether they can trust you with their business. Your online reputation will make or break you, since people lead busy lives and don’t have the time to research your business. They will bypass your listing if you lack reviews or if there …

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