Controversial Content can Backfire

Can Publishing Controversial Content Backfire?

Publishing controversial content to generate traffic back to your website may not be the smartest thing to do. Sure, it might generate visits that you might not get otherwise but it may not be the traffic you want or need. Instead of resorting to this type of tactic focus on creating useful, informational and great content that people will want to share naturally. Even you are doing it for some time of public relations stunt. Sometimes PR for PR sake may not be the best idea in the world, whether it’s on your blog or on social media. Controversy Drives Traffic Sure your controversial blog post may increase your traffic by 1,000 visitors in a few days. However ask yourself …

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How to Build A Strong Online Reputation

First impressions will make or break you whether it’s online or in person. While in person you might have a second chance to prove yourself, online you may not that chance. While the Internet has helped many businesses increase their revenue and allowed them to grow at record paces. It has also given others the opportunity to tarnish others reputations online with ease. So what can you do to build a strong and positive reputation, to protect and prevent negative reviews and results from showing for branded terms before your brand name? Well, there are several tactics to ensure controlled and positive results show up before the negative ones do. Here are a few questions before we get started: Do …

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