Google Removes Right Side Ads for Desktop Searches

Google slaps local businesses and organic search, but it’s not all doom and gloom. As you may have heard or read about by now, Google removes the right side AdWords ads on desktops. However, what you may not have read about is how this affects local businesses on the organic SERPs. By adding another paid placement on the top fold of the search results pages, that means that searchers will be inclined to click on one of the first four results before they scroll down to your organic listing. So now before people get to the organic listings, they have the option to click on the paid results as well as the local pack for searches with a local intent. …

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Benefits of Bidding on Branded Keyword

Benefits of Bidding on Branded Keywords

Using paid search campaigns to increase the number of leads or sell more products is a very effective way to get instant gratification and results, however it can be among the most expensive for client acquisition. That is the reason branded search terms need to be included as an individual ad group. There are many benefits to bid on branded search terms from lower cost per click, to preventing competitors from stealing website traffic and customers. While some marketers and business owners may believe that this is a crazy method and may shy away from it, I am a firm believer in this tactic. We have been working with a client in the financial space for the last three years …

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