Can SEO Increase ROI

Is SEO Enough to Increase ROI?

Long gone are the days of print phonebook, Internet marketing is here and it is here to stay. However, it takes more than launching a website to increase leads, product sales and ROI. To ensure your business stays relevant and your website outperforms the competition, it needs to be optimized for search and have enough inbound links. But one cannot simply rely on organic SEO to bring in customers, due to the constant changes to search engine algorithms. So if you are relying on organic search engine optimization to move the needle, you could be in for a rude awakening if your website was to ever be hit by an algorithm penalty. As long as Google and Bing continue to …

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Cheap SEO or Link Building Can Hurt Your Website

Sure, we all love to save money on products and services. However, there are certain products and services you should not sacrifice price or quality. Every day I receive one to two robot dial calls and spam emails offering me cheap search engine optimization and link building services. Every single one claims they will get me to rank in the first three spots of Google’s organic results, for the low price of $200 or $300. I know better and ignore these unqualified and cheap services that may end up having a negative impact and might get my blog penalized. For those not familiar with Google’s algorithm penalties. Here is a bit of advice the next time you receive a call …

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how to improve seo with public relations

How to Improve SEO with Public Relations

As Google continues to implement new changes to their algorithm buying a few thousand links per month will longer do the trick to increase your website’s organic ranking. Link building used to be a seamless and straightforward process, however this approach has landed thousands of websites in Google jail. So what is the best offpage SEO approach to avoid getting slapped by the 800-pound gorilla? Here are a few methods that I have used and have not been touched by any algorithm update, integrate SEO with social media campaigns, content marketing, improved user experience on the websites, and more importantly public relations. Google seems to have turned search engine optimization into survival of the fittest, either you adapt or seize …

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how to increase organic seo

How to Increase Organic SEO Traffic

The goal of every organic search engine optimization campaign is to increase traffic to the website as well as revenue. But there is no way you will succeed on your second goal unless you achieve the first one. Unless you are using paid, social, etc. however I will just be talking about organic SEO. When I first began my career in search engine optimization driving organic traffic was not as difficult as it today. For that we can thank Google and their algorithm updates that have targeted links, content, EMD, local and the newest which will have an impact on websites that not mobile friendly. Ok, so now that we can’t buy links, spin or publish thin content, use exact …

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3 basic seo primciples

Content Writing and The 3 Basic SEO Principles

Using content as a content marketing can prove to be among one the most important things you do as a business owner in today and the future. Quality useful content can and will help drive more traffic to your company blog and/or website and earn links. Once visitors land on your website and like what they are reading they will either stay and read the entire post or return back to the SERPs page. When writing content for your blog or website you must always keep these three basic SEO principles in mind in the philosophy of Steve Wiideman: user relevance to search query, popularity, and user experience. Relevance to Search Query First and most important item on your to …

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