Hidden Social Media Features You Should Know

Hidden Social Media Features You Should Know Just when you thought you were a social media expert Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ decide to make changes to their platforms. In most cases they are supposed to improve the user experience but there are times when they get are more complicated than we think. The major ovehauls either are an improvement or a headache. Well if you are feeling overwhelmed this infographic is you cure. Did you know that you can download your entire contact list from LinkedIn? Or that you can mute Tweets and tag people in you photos on Twitter? Or how about save links on Facebook to read later? Lastly, Google+ added the ability to share your circles …

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5 common social media mistakes

5 Social Media Mistakes

We all make mistakes some more costly than others and some can even be avoided. When it comes to social media the majority of the of the time mistakes are made due to lack of experience or trying to achieve results quickly. During my time as a social media and search professional, I have seen quite a few but here are five that I see reoccurring more often than others; lack of posting great content, spreading too thin across several platforms, unoptimized profiles, purchasing fans and engagements, and unbranded profiles. These mistakes are not as costly as violating Google’s Guidelines so they will not cost your company ranking but they will make you look bad when an audit is performed …

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