Can SEO Increase ROI

Is SEO Enough to Increase ROI?

Long gone are the days of print phonebook, Internet marketing is here and it is here to stay. However, it takes more than launching a website to increase leads, product sales and ROI. To ensure your business stays relevant and your website outperforms the competition, it needs to be optimized for search and have enough inbound links. But one cannot simply rely on organic SEO to bring in customers, due to the constant changes to search engine algorithms. So if you are relying on organic search engine optimization to move the needle, you could be in for a rude awakening if your website was to ever be hit by an algorithm penalty. As long as Google and Bing continue to …

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avoid cheap seo

Cheap SEO or Link Building Can Hurt Your Website

Sure, we all love to save money on products and services. However, there are certain products and services you should not sacrifice price or quality. Every day I receive one to two robot dial calls and spam emails offering me cheap search engine optimization and link building services. Every single one claims they will get me to rank in the first three spots of Google’s organic results, for the low price of $200 or $300. I know better and ignore these unqualified and cheap services that may end up having a negative impact and might get my blog penalized. For those not familiar with Google’s algorithm penalties. Here is a bit of advice the next time you receive a call …

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traditional advertising vs digital advertising

Traditional vs Digital Advertising

Traditional advertising can be traced back to the 18th century and it was effective for brands to sell their products and reach their target audience with the invention of radio and television for many centuries. However, as more people turn to the Internet to get their news, stream video, social media and search for products and services, it has lead to a decrease of consumers consuming traditional media. While traditional advertising is still effective to increase branding and awareness it is not a platform that all business can afford. When it comes to advertising on TV and radio not all businesses can afford to pay millions for a spot during the Super Bowl or prime time. That is the reason …

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Hidden Social Media Features You Should Know

Hidden Social Media Features You Should Know Just when you thought you were a social media expert Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ decide to make changes to their platforms. In most cases they are supposed to improve the user experience but there are times when they get are more complicated than we think. The major ovehauls either are an improvement or a headache. Well if you are feeling overwhelmed this infographic is you cure. Did you know that you can download your entire contact list from LinkedIn? Or that you can mute Tweets and tag people in you photos on Twitter? Or how about save links on Facebook to read later? Lastly, Google+ added the ability to share your circles …

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top 10 best local seo tools

Top 10 Best Local SEO Tools

Every great mechanic needs a basic set of tools to get the job done correctly the first time and move on to the next job, and so does every search engine optimization specialist. Mechanics turn to their scanner and reliable wrenches to diagnose and fix the vehicle. SEO professionals will also turn to scanning tools to diagnose the website and create an analysis of items that need to be addressed to help the website increase in the SERPs rankings. So in essence SEO technicians and professionals can almost be considered mechanics. We both diagnose items that need to be fixed to help solve the problem and ensure that the car and website are putting out the best performance. Vehicle owners …

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